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Sammy’s Weight Loss Program - Updated

Posted In: Canine Health & Wellness

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention states, that in the United States, 59% of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight or obese. Extra weight is not just a cosmetic concern – it can lead to chronic inflammation, skin disorders, certain types of cancers, orthopedic issues, kidney problems, and more.

If you are concerned that your pet is packing on the pounds, talk to your veterinarian about weight loss. You’ll want to make sure you are feeding the appropriate amount and type of food, and you’ll want to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to start an exercise program.

One of the many services provided at our Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center is weight loss and body conditioning. We create an exercise regimen that is fun for dogs! Combining nutritional counseling, exercise plans, and plenty of staff support, we can help your pet lose weight safely, get in shape, and stay in shape.

Sammy is one of our current weight-loss patients. His family loves him very much, and when he would give them the puppy dog eyes, they couldn’t resist sharing the food on their plates. Those little treats became a regular occurrence, and Sammy soon became overweight.

When Sammy first came to us, he had very little stamina and could only walk for short distances before getting tired. We started with a plan to get Sammy comfortable with the underwater treadmill, which provides support and low-impact exercise for dogs. When he started the program, he was only able to walk for about 30 seconds before fatigue set in.

We also incorporated fun exercises to help him lose weight, like using the inflatable balance disk. This allows him to use his muscles and to build stamina. And, we worked with his family to create a well-balanced and low-calorie diet to aid in weight loss.

Like any work out plan, Sammy has had his ups and downs. He has lost 3.5 pounds so far, but more importantly, he has lost 2 ½ inches off his waist and 1 ¼  inches off his chest. His energy level has greatly increased, and he is able to exercise for longer amounts of time. His owners say he has more personality than ever, and rather than lying around all the time, he is social and energetic again - a great indication that he is feeling much better than before he started his program.

Updated: 12/22/17

Sammy recently weighed-in and he's lost 5.5 pounds and can “work out” for 25 minutes each visit! Take a look at the difference!

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