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Signs That Your Pet Is In Pain

Posted In: Feline Health & Wellness, Canine Health & Wellness

Animals can be really good at hiding pain. Even though pet parents know their dogs and cats better than anyone else, they are often surprised to learn their pet is hurting.

Here are a few signs that could indicate your dog is in pain:

-Changes in the way they walk, such as limping or favoring one leg
-Acting lethargic or lacking energy
-Not eating as much or not interested in food
-Behavior changes like snapping or growling
-Fast breathing or excessive panting for no reason
-Hunched over or stiff body posture
-Excessive grooming

And here are a few signs that might mean your cat is in pain:

-Change in behavior
-Wanting to be left alone or not wanting to be touched
-Sleeping in one position
-Not grooming
-Not using litterbox
-Purring. This sounds strange since cats usually purr when they are content, but it’s true, cats may purr when they are hurting! When cats purr, they release endorphins. Those endorphins actually promote healing and reduce pain.

AMCMA’s Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center at our Maryland Heights location combines multiple approaches to treating pain including supplements, medications, and state-of-the-art equipment. If you pet is displaying any of these signs, or has any changes in his or her behavior, give us a call.

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