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Dr.Larry Alkire

Dr. Alkire is a graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine. He is a licensed, federally accredited deputy state veterinarian. Dr. Alkire’s position with the AMCMA is staff surgeon and he has 41 years of experience in veterinary surgery. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Greater St. Louis Veterinary Medical Association. Dr. Alkire’s wife Sue is the Foster Program manager for the Humane Society. His hobbies include sports and physical fitness.

Dr. Burrell is a staff veterinarian and surgeon at the AMCMA. He has been working here for the last year and really enjoys what he does. The main focus of his position is surgery, including spays and neuters as well as dentistry, mass removal, fracture repair, etc.  Dr. Burrell graduated with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 from Colorado State University. He practiced in Utah for 8 years before coming to Saint Louis in 2002. He and his partner have two and a half dachshunds (two dachshunds and one “chiweenie” – a dachshund/Chihuahua mix) and two cats. His hobbies include cooking, biking, running, woodwork and sewing.

Dr. Heather Stice

Heather Stice is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, and a board member for the Greater Saint Louis Veterinary Medical Association.  She enjoys caring for dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes, and has special interests in animal nutrition and dentistry.  When not at work, Dr. Stice enjoys playing tennis, reading, watching scary movies, and spending time with her husband David and their many pets.

Dr. Joy Lee

Dr. Lee’s career as an animal doctor began as a 5 year old when she proudly announced to her parents her desire to be a vegetarian. Coming from a long line of medical professionals, Dr. Lee’s father was desperate for her to go into human medicine. However, she was a stubborn kid and her childhood goal was to attend veterinary school. Between school work, speech team, orchestra, show choir, piano and violin lessons, she tried to spend as much time with animals as she could.

Dr. Lee is proud to be part of the Humane Society of Missouri as a staff veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of Mid America. When she started vet school, her primary concern was for the care and welfare of the animals. As she’s matured, her view has changed – she discovered that the care she provides benefits the owner just as much as it does the pet. Dr. Lee’s greatest joy is seeing how much someone loves their “four-legged baby” and how much that “baby” gives back with just a wag of a tail, a lick from the tongue or a throaty purr. She hopes to see you soon so she can meet you and your special furry companion!

Dr. Laura McManus

Dr. McManus  has lived in the Saint Louis area her whole life. She attended the University of Missouri-Columbia (GO TIGERS!) for both her undergraduate and doctoral degrees. She and her husband, Kevin, attended grade school together and both finished their educational careers at Mizzou. After graduation, they moved back to the Saint Louis area with their 5 year old Australian Shepherd named Brewer. 

Dr. McManus has always said that being a veterinarian is the best job in the world and she honestly believes that. Although there are many tough days and situations, the positive stories, great clients, and amazing animals more than make up for those! Being able to give a voice and take a stand for our animals that are not able to do so is more rewarding than she ever could have asked for.

Dr. David Noatch

Dr. Noatch has been a member of our staff since 1978 and is currently the Senior Veterinarian at our Westport location. He was raised in North St. Louis County and is a graduate of McCleur High School, the University of Missouri-St.Louis, and the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Noatch’s love of biology tempered by his need for practicality led him to pursue veterinary medicine. He discovered a love for the people he worked with and the clients he served as the driving force in his career.

Dr. Noatch and his wife Nancy were married in 1981. Their sons Matthew, Christopher and John are three of the finest, hardest working young men he has ever met. The Noatchs own a dog, Socks, and 2 cats, Bambie and Kate. The family is interested in nature, fishing, hiking, yard work and raising tropical fish. They also attend West Overland Bible Church.

Dr. Shawn Patham

Dr. Patham is from India and came to the Westport area in 1986. He has always had a love for animals and began working for the Humane Society in 2001. Dr. Patham received a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and a Master’s of Veterinary Science (Theriogenology) degrees from Madras Veterinary College in India. He is a member of the Greater St. Louis Association of Veterinary Medicine, the AVMA, and Feline Practitioner.

Dr. Patham has a wife and 2 children. Their son is a System Analyst for Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics and their daughter has a PHD in chemistry and works for the Lubrizol corporation in Cleveland, OH. The family shares their home with Eva, a 3 year beagle mix who is very friendly with everyone. In his spare time, Dr. Patham enjoys gardening and playing tennis.

Dr. Matthew Shivelbine

Dr. Shivelbine splits his time equally between the clinic and surgery departments. He is primarily stationed at the Maryland Heights location. He moved to St. Louis after graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. He did emergency work for 2 years, then joined a private practice for 4 years before leaving to work at the Humane Society.

Dr. Shivelbine is originally from Cape Girardeau, MO where his family has operated a music store for 60 years. He was inspired to study science by many of his high school teachers. He studied biology and music at Truman State University in Kirksvkille, MO, and graduated with a B.S. in 1998 and moved to Columbia, MO to attend veterinary college at Mizzou until graduation in 2002.

Dr. Shivelbine is interested in soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and exotic animal medicine and surgery. He is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians. He feels that exotic pets and small mammals are equally valuable members of the family as dogs and cats are, and that they deserve special care.

Dr. Shivelbine counts himself very lucky to be married to his wife, Jenna, who is as tough as she is lovely. She works as a fabric artist in her sewing studio whenever their toddler, Olin, obliges her with a free moment. Their son also deeply believes he is a ferocious dinosaur. The Shivelbine home is made complete with with 2 cats – Oslo and Clever Dan, and an awesome old dog named Flea who loves his momma, and tolerates Dr. Shivelbine. He closely resembles main character of the children’s book “Walter the Farting Dog”.  Their cats’ hobbies include shedding and puking. They also have a 3 year old beta fish named Katherine Zeta Beta. She lives in an underwater castle.

When not hard at work, Dr. Shivelbine enjoys designing posters and album art for local musicians. He and his wife are former members of the punk-bluegrass band The Monads. They miss playing live music but they love being parents. They also love watching bad scary movies and laughing a lot.

Dr. Andrea Cobb

Dr. Andrea Cobb is a graduate of the LSU school of veterinary medicine, and a staff veterinarian primarily at the Chesterfield Valley location. She was born and raised in Louisiana and is a die hard Saints and LSU football fan. She spent the first year of her career at a small animal/exotics practice in Las Vegas, and she has a special interest in dentistry and ultrasound. She has three dogs at home- a constantly shedding handsome German shepherd named Maverick, an Australian shepherd mix that does back flips named Calli, and a Catahoula that eats socks on a regular basis named Luna. In her spare time she enjoys being on the lake, fishing, and hiking with her dogs.

Dr. Cheryl Walker

Cheryl Walker is a staff veterinarian at the AMCMA. She is a graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Missouri to pursue her education and eventually, her career in veterinary medicine. She loves to help people by caring for their pets – the ‘fur babies’ of the family. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, hiking, singing, and spending time with her family and their many cats.

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