A Little Help For Your New Pet

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If you’ve recently adopted a new pet, congratulations! Adding a furry family member is a fun and exciting time. Most pets become acclimated to their new home quickly and bond with their family right away, but some pets have a little trouble adjusting to their new environment. It is understandable and totally normal – just think about a time when you’ve started a new job or the first day of a new school. It’s a good move, but you still feel anxious about the change in the beginning.

It takes three days for a new pet to decompress, three weeks to learn their new routine, and three months to feel completely at home.  So, when you bring your new pet home, give him or her time to adjust.

Here are a few over-the-counter products that can help make the transition smoother:  


Adaptil®: Available as collar, spray for fabrics and bedding, or diffuser, Adaptil helps dogs relax by mimicking the pheromones given off by a mother dog while nursing. Adaptil comes in formulas for adult dogs and puppies.

Feliway®: Cats don’t always handle change very well. The Feliway Classic diffuser provides comfort and helps decrease urine spraying, scratching, and hiding.

Feliway® Multicat: This pheromone is also available in a diffuser. It promotes harmony in a multi-cat household and decreases fighting and chasing.

Feliscratch®: This pheromone is applied to your cat’s scratching post. It helps redirect your cat to use the scratching post instead of your furniture or carpet.


Zylkene®: This is a once daily oral supplement made from milk protein. It works by binding intestinal receptors, which help stimulate the release of endorphins (those natural feel good chemicals in the brain) that are released in new born puppies and kittens when they suckle from their mother.

Solliquin®: Another once daily supplement, Solliquin contains both milk protein and an amino acid. These two work together to induce calming effects during times of stress and anxiety.

Purina Pro Plan® Calming Care: This supplement is a probiotic that is added to your dog’s food once a day. It has been demonstrated to help dogs cope with external stressors, like separation and changes in the environment.

If your new pet needs a little help in adjusting to his or her new home, give us a call! You can schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians either in person or virtually through our TeleVet app.

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