AMCMA Client Spotlight: Lily Carroll

Posted In: News Updates

Lily first came to the Humane Society of Missouri shelter as an adorable puppy at our former Chesterfield location. Before she could be deemed eligible for adoption, she was spayed at our clinic and also had to have a cyst removed by our doctors. Once she was given the all-clear, it was not long before she found her loving forever home with the Carrolls. She has been coming to the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America in Maryland Heights for her veterinary care ever since!

Lily has experienced nearly every part of the HSMO, from adoption at our shelter, to veterinary care at AMCMA, to more recently coming in for regular visits in our Integrated Veterinary Pain Management Center to make sure she is staying as healthy and comfortable as possible.  Lily received platelet rich plasma infusions in her knees and her left elbow due to arthritis. Platelet rich plasma is a process where a blood sample is collected from the patient and processed on site, then the platelet rich portion of the blood is injected into the affected joint. Following injection, platelets release a variety of natural chemicals signaling to the body to start repairing damage to Lily’s joints.  Lily has been continuing her rehabilitation journey by walking on our underwater treadmill to increase her mobility and joint health, and she receives laser therapy which helps to stimulate blood flow, endorphin release, and regenerate muscle and nervous tissue. We are so happy to have Lily as a valued AMCMA patient, and we look forward to caring for her for years to come!

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