Beyond the Breed: Genetic Health Testing

Posted In: Behavior & Training, Canine Health & Wellness

Mixed breed dogs are adorable, unique, and undeniably loveable. They even have their own day – National Mutt Day falls on December 2 every year! If you are the proud parent of a mixed breed dog, you’ve probably wondered about his or her actual breed mix. You may have even considered a doggy DNA test to find out. We can help with that!

We are proud to offer genetic health testing at our clinics. One of our veterinarians will draw a small blood sample from your dog and send it off for analysis. In less than three weeks, we’ll have a full report on your dog. The test can identify the genetic signatures of over 250 breeds, types, and varieties, so you will know what makes your mutt marvelous.

But, the test goes beyond breed identification. It can also alert you to potential genetic conditions, drug sensitivity, ideal weight, and size. Using your dog’s genetic makeup, our veterinarians can create a custom plan for your dog’s health care, provide nutritional guidelines, and screen for pre-dispositioned health conditions.

If you would like more information on dog genetic health testing or if you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call!

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