Changes Coming to PawPerks

Posted In: News Updates

Starting January 1st, we will be converting our existing PawPerks reward system to the AMCMA mobile app, and will no longer be manually updating PawPerks rewards. Clients who have earned existing PawPerks rewards will have that balance transferred to their app at the time of their next visit to ensure no one loses out on any accrued rewards. Going forward the PawPerks rewards are calculated automatically, $5 accrued for every $100 spent. Reminder that rewards can only be redeemed on services such as exams, diagnostics, or surgeries- they cannot be used for medication or food, but rewards *can* be accrued from the purchase of these items.

By transferring to the mobile app, it will allow us to give clients more visibility and transparency into how much they have accrued on their account. 

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