How To Feed A Cat

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Seems like a silly topic, right? Actually, it is pretty important. It’s so important that the Association of Feline Practitioners recently issued a statement on this subject. It turns out that how we feed our cats can directly affect feline behavior, health and well-being.

Normal feeding behaviors in cats includes:
-hunting and foraging
-eating frequent, small meals
-eating alone, even when there is more than one cat in the home

By allowing cats to eat in their natural, preferred way, stress and health-related issues can be prevented or stopped altogether. That includes bladder inflammation, litter box problems, anxiety, and unhealthy weight gain or weight loss. So, how we feed our cats IS a big deal!

First, talk to your veterinarian about incorporating a feeding program that will benefit your individual cat. He or she will take your cat’s lifestyle, age, and health into consideration.

Your veterinarian may tell you to stop:
Feeding your cat in the same place
Feeding just one or two meals per day
Placing food and water bowls together when there are multiple cats in the home

On the other hand, your veterinarian may recommend:
Setting up multiple food and water stations
Offering small, frequent meals
Using food puzzles (store-bought or DIY both work great)
Putting food in various places around your home to encourage foraging

For more information, download the brochure “How to Feed a Cat” and be sure to ask your veterinarian about the best feeding program for your cat!  

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