How We Use Technology to Provide Better Veterinary Care

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At AMCMA, we pride ourselves on staying in the forefront of veterinary medicine. Our doctors and staff are trained on the latest medical procedures and advances, and we are using technology every day to provide the best possible care for pets. Here are just a few examples of how we use technology:

  • Digital Ultrasound
    An ultrasound can detect foreign bodies, pregnancy, and tumors. It can also assess cardiac function, indicate the quality of blood flow through the arteries, and it can show if an organ is enlarged.

    With new, leading edge technology, we can take digital ultrasound images in our hospital and transmit those images electronically to veterinary radiologists to get a full diagnostic report right away. This means we are able to receive a quicker diagnosis from a specialist and can begin treatment sooner.
  • Digital Radiography
    Digital radiology is a more advanced alternative to traditional X-rays. Digital images can be enlarged to show specific areas of interest, can be shared electronically with pet parents and other veterinarians, and can be displayed on any electronic device. We use digital radiographs for a variety of reasons such as locating foreign objects, diagnosing fractures, and examining the internal organs. Digital X-rays produce 80% less radiation, making them a safer alternative.
    We share our digital images with expert radiologists at the University of Missouri to get a full diagnostic report. Because digital images can be shared easily, we can begin treatment quickly, thus improving the patient's quality of life. 
    We also use digital radiology to evaluate teeth roots and gums during dental procedures. This helps identify dental disease below the gum line. 
  • Laser Therapy
    Class IV deep tissue laser therapy is a painless, non-invasive series of treatments designed to help conditions like arthritis, tendon or ligament injuries, and post-surgery recovery in dogs and cats without surgery or medication. It uses a beam of laser light to treat the surface of the skin (exposed tissue) or to deeply penetrate tissue without damaging it. Laser energy induces a biological response in the cells called “Photo-Bio-Modulation,” which leads to reduction of pain, reduction of inflammation, and an increased speed of healing. We have seen amazing results when using laser therapy on our patients.
  • Televet Virtual Visits
    When COVID-19 hit, we wanted to make sure that pets were still getting the veterinary care they needed while keeping pet parents safe. We started offering TeleVet virtual appointments, and they have been instrumental in keeping pets happy and healthy throughout the pandemic.

    Through the TeleVet app, pet parents can consult with our veterinarians through one-on-one online chats, as well as share photos and videos. To download the app or to learn more, click here.
  • TempScan Microchip
    One in three pets goes missing in their lifetime, and 90% of lost pets are never reunited with their families. Those numbers are staggering. Fortunately, pet parents can do something to increase their chances of getting their pets back should the situation arise: a permanent form of pet identification called a microchip.

    A special scanner can display the pet’s unique microchip number. That number is entered into a database, which will then display the pet’s name, the owner’s name, address, and phone number. Shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control agencies all have scanners that can find the information, which can help reunite the pet with his or her family.

    The company that makes the microchips we carry at AMCMA, HomeAgain(R) made a great tech update recently when they unveiled their new microchips. When scanned, the TempScan microchip will provide the unique number for pet identification, but the scanner also shows the pet’s body temperature.

    Taking a pet’s temperature with a standard thermometer can be uncomfortable for the pet. With the new TempScan microchip, getting a fast and accurate temperature is quick and non-invasive. And, since your pet will get his or her temperature taken at each and every veterinary visit, this will go a long way in helping your pet feel less anxiety when coming to seeing the veterinarian. We can implant a TempScan microchip at your pet’s next visit!
  • Meds4Pets Online Pharmacy
    Requesting a prescription refill, ordering supplements, and purchasing items sold in our clinic has never been easier thanks to technology. Meds4Pets is our in-house, online pharmacy. You’ll find the link here, and you have the option of curbside pickup or home delivery. Every order is received and filled by our team, allowing you to receive your pet’s medication quickly.

One thing is for certain with technology – there is always something new on the horizon. We will continue to stay on top of the latest technological developments in veterinary medicine so we can provide exceptional care for our patients.

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