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Lyme Disease in Dogs

Posted In: Canine Health & Wellness

Lyme disease can be difficult to detect since 95% of dogs exposed do not have symptoms. But, it can cause serious health issues, and cases continue to increase in the United States.

Lyme disease is transmitted through a tick bite. If symptoms appear, they may include fever, lack of appetite, decreased activity, and joint swelling.

Because Lyme disease can be hard to diagnose and can cause so many health problems, your veterinarian may recommend that your dog has a Lyme disease vaccination. It does not protect your dog from other tick-borne illnesses, so prevention from all ticks is necessary.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent your dog from ticks:

-Give your pet a veterinarian-prescribed preventative such as Brevecto or Vectra 3D and be sure that you don’t miss a dose.

-Check your dog for ticks, especially if he or she has spent time outside, every day. If you find a tick on your dog, remove it right away.

-Take steps to reduce the likelihood of ticks in your yard, such as removing fallen leaves, clearing tall grasses, and mowing the lawn frequently.

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