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Message in a Bottle

Posted In: Feline Health & Wellness

Do you have a scaredy cat who hides at the slightest noise? Do you have multiple cats who are not getting along? Or do you have a cat who gets so nervous during routine changes that he or she acts out of character, bites, or stops using the litterbox? If so, and your veterinarian has ruled out any medical conditions, you might try sending a message in a bottle… a bottle of pheromones, that is!

Cats are excellent communicators but often times we don’t understand what they are trying to tell us through their body language. To make matters more complex, cats also communicate through messages released through the air. These messages are called pheromones. They are odorless messages perceived only by other cats – not by people, dogs, or any other pets.  

Feliway® is a pheromone product that has been shown to help cats feel more comfortable and less anxious. It comes in a diffuser for continuous use or a spray to put on your cat’s blanket, bedding, or carrier for a short-term solution. The pheromone mimics the natural feline reassuring messages, helping cats feel more secure, calm, and comfortable.

If you have more than one cat, Feliway also comes in a “MultiCat” version. The pheromone sends messages that help restore and maintain social bonds between cats. It is especially helpful with preventing fighting or tension between cats.

The Feliway website has a lot of great information on cat behavior, how pheromone products work, and what you can do to help your cat feel comfortable in his or her home.  And when you’re ready to purchase Feliway, come see us! All three AMCMA locations carry the products, and you don’t need a prescription or appointment to purchase it. This message in a bottle could be exactly what your cat needs to find peace and relaxation!

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