National Volunteer Week at AMCMA and HSMO

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The second week in April is National Volunteer Week! Are you interested in volunteering to help animals in need? Look no further! We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities at The Humane Society of Missouri, including the chance to help us out in the AMCMA clinic.

Our most urgent need in the clinic is for volunteers to help us with laundry! As with many veterinary clinics around the country these days, we are often short-staffed and keeping our linens clean and ready for our patients is critical to our success. Less time spent on tasks like laundry means our staff has more time to attend to the animals that we care for- and the more time our staff has to devote to our patients, the better service we can provide them!

For all volunteer opportunities, AMCMA or HSMO, the first thing we have them do is check out our website to see what we opportunities we offer. We have opportunities that work directly with our animals, with customers, or behind the scenes. You can find them here: https://www.hsmo.org/volunteer/

Once you have decided what you want to do, you can fill out a volunteer application on the website.

We read over the application to ensure the program picked will be the right fit. If the application is approved, we send an email. We inform candidates they have been approved and attach a link for virtual orientation. If they have chosen an animal care role (Dog walking, kennel/feline enrichment), we have them watch a few more videos relating to those topics specifically. Once the virtual orientation steps are complete, we get them set up for an in-person orientation, which will vary depending on the opportunity selected.

Whether you need volunteer hours for school or your organization, or you just feel like giving some of your spare time to help animals in need- we’d love to have you! Head to https://www.hsmo.org/volunteer/ to fill out an application and get started!

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