New Microchip Idenfitication Can Also Display Your Pet’s Temperature!

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One in three pets goes missing in their lifetime, and 90% of lost pets are never reunited with their families. Those numbers are staggering. Fortunately, pet parents can do something to increase their chances of getting their pets back should the situation arise: a permanent form of pet identification called a microchip.

A microchip is not a tracking device, rather it is a computer chip the size of a grain of rice that is implanted just under the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades. A special scanner can display the pet’s unique microchip number. That number is entered into a database, which will then display the pet’s name, the owner’s name, address, and phone number. Shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal control agencies all have scanners that can find the information, which can help reunite the pet with his or her family.

HomeAgain, the company that makes the microchips we carry at AMCMA, recently announced a new chip that pet parents are going to love – the TempScan microchip. When scanned, the microchip will provide the unique number for pet identification, but the scanner also shows the pet’s body temperature.

Let’s face it, the method for taking a pet’s temperature can be uncomfortable for the pet. With the new TempScan microchip, getting a fast and accurate temperature is quick and non-invasive. And, since your pet will get his or her temperature taken at each and every veterinary visit, this will go a long way in helping your pet feel less anxiety when coming to seeing the veterinarian.

If your pet needs a microchip, now is the perfect time. Our clinics have the new TempScan microchips, and we can implant the chip during an exam, while your pet is under anesthesia for surgery, or by appointment with one of our technicians. 

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