New Puppy? You Need This Collar!

Posted In: Behavior & Training, Canine Health & Wellness

Adding a new puppy to your family is possibly one of the best, but most challenging times in your life. Puppies are adorable, their cuddles melt your heart, and their antics have you constantly laughing. But, it isn’t always easy. Puppies aren’t born housetrained, they don’t always have the same sleep schedule as we do, and they get into everything. Everything!

The good news is that there is a product that can help – Adaptil Junior. It’s a collar that contains pheromones that mimic those given off by the mother dog. These “comforting messages” give the puppy a feeling of security and comfort. Armed with those powerful feelings, puppies:

  • learn better during training classes
  • are less fearful in general
  • feel more relaxed in situations that may cause anxiety, like when you run the vacuum or have visitors over
  • are better able to handle being home alone and sleeping through the night

If you have a puppy, consider purchasing an Adaptil Junior collar to help mimimize the challenges that come with puppy raising. You can get Adaptil Junior at our clinic, and you don’t need a prescription. Just come on in! And, feel free to bring your puppy too. We'll help you size the collar and give your puppy treats and cuddles so he or she gets use to the veterinarian's office. 

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