NOTICE: Changes to Written Prescription Fees

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We want to make all our clients aware that on November 1st  2021, we will begin charging a $15.00 fee (per pet per year) for providing written prescriptions (excluding Purina VetDirect and VetSource).  Third-party pharmacies that provide pet medications are not governed by the same liability rules and regulations as pharmacies for human medications, so state pharmacy boards have refused to regulate pet prescriptions. Because of this, if any outside pharmacy fills a prescription incorrectly, the liability falls on veterinarians and veterinary practices should something go wrong.

Therefore, it is up to us to ensure that every written prescription for your pet is 100% correct, both medically and dosage-wise. This takes time for our doctors and staff, and unfortunately, we have to charge for the extra time this takes from attending to our patients in order to continue to provide the highest standard of care.

We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you and your pets at your next visit!

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