Parasite Protection for Cats

Posted In: Feline Health & Wellness, Heartworm Disease

Cats are at risk of getting parasites, even if they stay indoors. Fleas, ticks, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms can cause serious health problems in cats and kittens. Whether your cat is indoors-only or spends time outside, year-round parasite prevention is important.

Your veterinarian can work with you to find the best preventative for your cat. Often at AMCMA, we recommend Bravecto® Plus for cats and kittens. Here’s what we like about it:

  • A single dose offers protection for two months. If your cat is hard to catch when it comes time for medications, the longer coverage time is helpful. Plus, Bravecto Plus is an easy-to-apply topical solution.
  • Bravecto Plus kills and prevents flea and tick infestations for two months. Fleas and ticks are pesky parasites and can be found in the Midwest year-round. They can even find their way inside your home.
  • We also like that Bravecto Plus offers broad-spectrum coverage for two months preventing heartworm disease. While heartworm disease is more widely seen in dogs, cats can become infected too. Transmitted by a mosquito, heartworm disease often goes undiagnosed in cats since symptoms can be subtle, but heartworm disease can be fatal for cats or cause permanent lung damage.  
  • Roundworms are the most common feline intestinal parasite, affecting up to 75% of cats. Cats are susceptible to roundworms and hookworms, which can cause anemia, blood in feces, a poor coat, and weight loss. Bravecto Plus also offers two months of protection against roundworms and hookworms.  

Bravecto Plus is available by prescription at AMCMA. If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have any questions about parasite prevention, let us know!

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