Save the Couches!

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Is your cat scratching in all the wrong places? Or are you considering adopting a new cat but afraid he or she will scratch your furniture? Help is here! It’s called FELISCRATCH by Feliway™. FELISCRATCH is a pheromone product that can help stop cats from scratching furniture and carpet. It works by redirecting scratching onto designated scratching posts.

The numbers are pretty impressive: more than eight out of ten cats who destructively scratched things in the home started using their scratching post within the first seven days. And, nine out of ten newly adopted cats never even started clawing furniture when their new caregivers used FELISCRATCH!

So how does it work? First, you will need to provide a new scratching post for your cat. Apply the liquid FELISCRATCH to the post. Let it dry for about five minutes then put the post near the spot your cat likes to scratch. While FELISCRATCH is unscented to humans, it actually copies the natural scent cats leave when they scratch, encouraging your cat to scratch in that same place again.

You can purchase FELISCRATCH at both AMCMA’s locations, and you don’t need a prescription for it. For more information on FELISCRATCH, visit www.savethecouches.com

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