The Top 6 Myths About Pets in Pain

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1. My pet will whine or cry if they’re in pain
Most pets show pain in many other ways besides crying in pain.  With exception of traumatic injuries, most pets do not vocalize the pain that they are experiencing.

2. My pet will stop an activity if they’re experiencing pain
Pets do not have the cognitive capacity to recognize that an activity will cause pain at a later time or date.  

3. My pet will limp if they’re in pain
While limping is a definite indication there is pain present, it is not the only sign or symptom of pain conditions.

4. My pet will become addicted to pain medication if it is given every day
Most pain medications prescribed by the veterinarian do not fall into the addictive classification of medications but are used to control the inflammatory component of the pain cycle.

5. Slowing down is a normal symptom of aging
Slowing of activity may be an indication of an underlying pain or medical component.

6. Animals do not feel pain the same way people do
From a physiological standpoint the pain pathways are remarkably similar within all mammals including people and pets.  The difference, however, is that pets and people often express pain differently. Owners often expect their pet to behave the same as they would behave. Which just is not true.

Currently at both AMCMA practices we have several diagnostic tools that can be used to detect pain in our patients. We use Pain evaluation forms, Pain Trace, digital thermography, stance analyzer, goniometers, and muscle circumference measurements to track and diagnose areas of pain. To see if your pet would benefit from a pain consultation call 314-802-0358 for Maryland heights, or 314-802-0361 for Macklind Ave. 

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