COVID-19 Updates

AMCMA Clinic Update

Updated: Sun, August 16, 2020 - 2:21pm

The health and safety of our pets, staff, volunteers, and clients are of the utmost importance.  We are happy to see that the severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic is improving.  While we enjoy the lessening of restrictions, we will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

At each of our hospitals we continue to perform additional cleaning and sanitizing procedures that meets or exceeds CDC recommendations, including disinfecting all surfaces more frequently, especially surfaces touched by the public, such as door handles and our front counters. Frequent hand washing, using gloves and avoiding touching our nose, eyes, and mouth are protocols we are following, and we encourage you to do the same. We will also not be shaking hands or hugging to help prevent transmission.

Hand Sanitizing Stations have been placed at every entrance, and we encourage all clients to sanitize their hands before entering. We have also installed plexiglass barriers at the front desk of each location.

Masks will be optional for employees, clients, volunteers, and guests with the exception of when anyone is present in a designated “Mandatory Mask Zone”, which includes our clinic exam rooms, as well as other designated areas throughout AMCMA and HSMO. Please ensure your mask is covering both your mouth and nose. Our staff has been instructed not to come to work if they or someone in their family is sick, coughing, or has a fever. At times we may be short staffed, causing increased wait times for your pet to be seen. Please be patient and understanding if it takes us longer than usual to have your pet seen and treated. Our front desk staff will do their best to keep clients informed of wait times.

Likewise, we kindly ask that you refrain from visiting our hospital with your pet if you or a member of your family have a fever, cough, or cold-like symptoms. If possible, please stay home, tend to yourself, and send your pet with another person to be treated. While there is currently no evidence that pets transmit COVID-19 to other animals, including humans, we may take extra precautions with your pet if there is a family member displaying symptoms.

You will be asked about your respiratory symptoms when scheduling an appointment. 

We will continue to offer the following:

Curbside check-ins: To limit the number of people in our clinic, we are still offering curbside check-ins. When you arrive for your appointment, surgery drop-off, or prescription pick-up and are parked in a parking space, text us at the number displayed on the signs in the parking lot. Keep your cat in the carrier and be sure your dog is on-leash. We will text you when the doctor is ready to see your pet. We will meet you at the front door and escort you and your pet(s) inside to an exam room. At this time, we are only able to accommodate two people inside the exam room with the pet(s); this includes sick visits and euthanasia visits. We continue to allow those clients who wish to remain outside during their pet's appointments to remain curbside, as well as those clients who are not able to accompany their pet alone.    


Online Pharmacy: Many medications and food items can be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. You can order online by clicking here. If you don't have internet access or are having trouble logging in to the pharmacy, please call our office and one of our customer service representatives would be happy to help you set up your account.

Curbside Service Prescriptions: If you prefer to pick up your prescription from our clinic, you can order a refill on your pet’s medication or therapeutic diet online or by calling us. We will take payment over the phone when you place your order to prevent touching credit card machines and handling of money. We will call you when it is ready for pickup, and when you arrive in the parking lot, text us. We will bring your food or medication directly to your car.

Surgeries: We are now scheduling low-cost spay/neuter (SNIP) appointments but only on certain days of the week. The number of appointments is limited. Text us when you arrive for drop off and pick up. Read here for more information on our SNIP program.

We want to be available to help you and your pets now and in the future. Please help us to protect our staff, our families, and our pet parents. We need to work together to protect everyone.

The numbers to text us when you arrive:

St. Louis City - 314-396-9862 and Maryland Heights –314-396-9768

Thank you for your patience and support as we navigate these challenging times.


Your AMCMA Veterinary Team