Dr. Erin Loomis

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Loomis grew up in rural Southwest Michigan. She went to college in Chicago and graduate school in California at the University of California at Davis.

She grew up in a household with many animals and was always interested in science, but she decided to go to vet school while pursuing a PhD in evolutionary biology. She worked with several vets during a project at the Wild Animal Park/San Diego Zoo, and they convinced her that veterinary medicine was an exciting and fulfilling career, so she changed paths. When she moved to St. Louis in 2017, she had already worked in private practice, shelter, and high-volume spay/neuter practice, and she wanted something that combined all of these.

In her free time, she has a 3-year-old son who she teaches from home part-time, she rides her dressage horse, she sells jewelry, sews & knits, reads, and goes running.

At home, she has two chihuahua mixes, three cats, eight chickens, a horse, and about 50 guppies!