animal surgery

Every animal faces the need for surgery at some point during their lifetime. Animal Medical Center of Mid-America offers a wide range of veterinary surgical services for our patients. Our surgical facilities provide a clean, safe and well-equipped environment in which our experienced team can provide your pet with highest quality surgical care available.

The Animal Medical Center of Mid-America surgical suites are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment designed to best serve the needs of your pet. We use only the safest available anesthetic products, which our skilled veterinary professionals administer with the utmost of care and attention. Regardless of whether your pet is undergoing routine surgery or a more complex procedure, you can be confident that their safety and comfort are always our top priority.

Prior to any surgical procedure, each patient undergoes a thorough pre-surgical physical examination by a veterinarian. Our surgical staff then monitors them carefully before, during and following the procedure. After surgery, we will work with you to develop and implement a pain management plan that will help your pet recover comfortably. Our goal is to return your pet to a normal, active lifestyle as soon as possible.

The surgical procedures routinely performed at Animal Medical Center of Mid-America include:

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing is recommended for all pets prior to any anesthetic procedure. The purpose of this these tests is to check your pet's internal organs and make sure that these organs are functioning normally prior to surgery. There are several testing options available, which will be discussed when you meet with the doctor. You can also view them here.

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