Fear Free Visits

We know that coming to the veterinarian can be stressful for some pets. To alleviate the fear, anxiety, and stress pets may feel, our doctors, technicians, and support staff have all been trained in Fear Free practices. But, a Fear Free veterinary visit starts before you and your pet even walk through our doors! We have compiled some information so you can take an active role in reducing your pets fear too:

10 Things that Make Fear Free Vet Visits Different

How to Make the Trip to the Vet Hospital Fear Free

How to Manage a Fear Free Return

Video: 5 Steps for a Friendly Cat Carrier

Preparing for Your Pet's Happy Visit

Cat and Critter Parents — You Need This Carrier!

Interested in learning what you can do to create a Fear Free Happy Home? By signing up to be a member of Fear Free Happy Homes, you can get free access to videos, articles, discounts on pet products, and more. While AMCMA is not affiliated with Fear Free Happy Homes, they provide great resources for pet parents. Check it out!


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