Providing the best dental care for pets in St. Louis is an important part of our commitment to you. Over 85% of dogs and cats have dental disease by the time they reach four years old. Dental disease is a serious condition that can lead to painful gums and tooth loss. It can also wreak havoc on an animal’s entire body, from the heart and lungs to the kidneys, liver and nervous system. The good news is dental disease can be easily prevented through regular dental care.

At the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, we offer a wide range of comprehensive veterinary dental services, from routine cleanings to extractions and periodontal disease management as needed. After a thorough exam, together we can make the best decisions about what dental treatment is right for your pet.

When it comes to veterinary dental care in St. Louis, our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will provide the best care for your pet. We’ll also work with you to provide guidance and advice on home dental care to help keep your pet’s teeth clean in between visits. Together we will work toward helping your animal companion achieve a lifetime of good dental health.

If your pet needs help with their dental care, please call us for our St. Louis pet dental services.

To schedule an appointment, please call 314.951.1534