Relax, Pet Parents! Monday’s Eclipse Likely Won’t Faze Your Furry (or Feathery) Friends

April 5, 2024

horse and solar eclipseMonday’s solar eclipse is a fascinating natural phenomenon, but it might have you asking, “how will my pet react?” Rest assured, most domesticated animals likely won’t bat an eye, they may be taking their daily scheduled afternoon nap during the brief dimming of the sun.

Here’s why:

  • Creatures of Habit: According to Dr. Jennifer Pearl, the medical director of Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, “The biggest issue there will be is an influx of human activity (which could include noise) and alteration from normal schedules which may be unsettling to pets that are accustomed to having quiet days. Pets are accustomed to our routines, and the slight change in light during the eclipse probably won’t disrupt their internal clock significantly.”
  • Night Owl in Disguise? Some pets, especially those with a keen awareness of light cycles, might show evening-like behaviors like yawning or settling down. But this is just a temporary adjustment, and they’ll be back to their usual self when the sun returns.

Now, let’s talk about our furry and feathered friends here at our Longmeadow Rescue Ranch.

While some farm animals, like cows and chickens, are more attuned to subtle light changes, they’re also intelligent creatures. They might start showing nighttime behaviors like roosting or mooing a little earlier. However, the brief eclipse won’t last long, and they’ll quickly realize it’s just a temporary change.

But don’t worry, for extra peace of mind, our dedicated ranch hands will be keeping a close eye on all our 120+ animals throughout the eclipse, just like always.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the eclipse with your human family. Your pet companions will likely be doing the same – napping peacefully through the whole thing!