Dr. Amanda Maners

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Dr. Amanda Maners, a 2005 graduate of the University of Missouri Veterinary School, first joined AMCMA in 2016. After a brief hiatus to have a (human) baby and she decided to return to AMCMA in 2023.  

Her clinical interests include animal behavior, multimodal pain management and pet mobility, and ensuring that geriatric pets live their best and longest lives.  

Dr. Maners has a special love for giant breed dogs and has had five Great Danes. Her current Dane, a fawn named “Alta,” was adopted from HSMO. Despite Alta’s size, she definitely does not rule the roost since the cats - particularly a spicy gray tabby named Ty - keep her in line. She also has two cats and a long-suffering husband who serves in the US Navy and has come home from more than one deployment to a new Great Dane or cat.

When not spending her salary on pet food, Dr. Maners spends her time wrangling a 4-going-on –17-year-old-daughter, reading horror novels, keeping Amazon in business, and pestering her husband (mostly unsuccessfully) about adopting every giant dog that comes to the HSMO.