Wellness Bloodwork for Senior Pets

December 8, 2022

Wellness bloodwork is a very important factor in your pet’s healthcare, especially as they get into their senior years. Metabolic diseases and problems with organ function don’t always present visible symptoms in your pet until the conditions have progressed to later stages, which can make them much more difficult to treat. Getting wellness bloodwork done annually is the best way to catch signs of medical conditions early, greatly improving the chances of being able to successfully treat them- giving your pet a longer, happier life.

The early stages of many diseases are asymptomatic. Annual blood screening during the annual wellness exam visit is a great way to detect abnormalities in organ function and blood cell counts prior to the onset of symptoms. For instance, if the white blood cell count is high, depending on the results this could indicate the body is reacting to an infection or a type of inflammation.  Another example is detecting a low red blood cell count, indicating anemia that may not be found on the physical examination. Allowing for prompt treatment/intervention with the goal of giving your pet a longer, happier life.