Animal Medical Center of Mid-America Celebrates a Century of Service

November 8, 2023

AMCMA Century of Service logo

At this health center, it’s not uncommon for the patients to give wet, sloppy kisses to the medical staff. In fact, that’s the way it’s been for 100 years – or approximately 514 dog years – at the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America (AMCMA). Founded in 1923 as the veterinary arm of the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) – one of the nation’s largest animal welfare organizations – the AMCMA has been instrumental in keeping the community safe by keeping pets healthy and controlling the pet population through spay and neuter efforts.

The HSMO estimates AMCMA’s subsidized spay and neuter incentive program, known as SNIP, has prevented more than 1 billion unwanted animals since its launch in 2001. This is just one of the groundbreaking programs the center has created since it started caring for animals in the St. Louis community when its headquarters was on Carr Street in downtown St. Louis 100 years ago.

Other firsts include employing the first female veterinarian in the State of Missouri, Dr. Suzanne Saueressig. Dr. Saueressig was a tireless leader, known throughout the state as an innovator in the field of veterinary medicine, and was an early proponent of vaccinations for preventative disease management and the diagnosis of Parvo.

“The positive impact the AMCMA has had on community health and the pet population over the past century is extraordinary,” said HSMO President Kathy Warnick. “What started in 1923 with basic pet care and has evolved to include spay and neuter surgeries, emergency treatment, cutting-edge procedures, and pain-management services. We’re grateful to our donors, as well as to those who utilize our world-class veterinary services, as we are able to direct those funds to support animals in need.”

The AMCMA operates two of the 16 non-profit facilities in the United States accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. This distinction underscores the commitment of the staff to provide the highest level of care above licensing standards, all while benefiting animals in need at the HSMO.

“Not only does our talented team of veterinarians and medical staff provide comprehensive veterinary services to animals living in their forever homes, we provide a continuous safety net of care for rescues, strays and the thousands of homeless animals that have been brought to HSMO over the years,” said Nicole Fulcher, D.V.M., director of the AMCMA at HSMO’s Macklind facility.

After a century, the work of the AMCMA remains in high demand and shows no signs of slowing down. In 2022, Fulcher and her team performed 25,620 clinic visits and surgeries, including 8,730 spay and neuter procedures

“We’re here for the animals, pet parents and the community,” said Fulcher. “That’s been our commitment since 1923, and it remains unchanged for the next century and beyond.”