Cat and Critter Parents - You Need This Carrier!

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When it comes to car rides and trips to the veterinarian, just getting your cat, bunny, or critter into the carrier can be stressful, and it can be even more stressful getting your pet out of the carrier.

Enter the Calm Carrier!

The bottom slides in and out easily, significantly reducing fear and anxiety. No more forcing your pet in a carrier or pulling your pet out. Plus, most veterinary exams can be done while your pet sits comfortably in the base of the carrier.

To the cat parents out there, we highly recommend placing a soft blanket sprayed with Feliway®, the calming pheromone, inside the carrier. This will help your cat or kitten feel even more comfortable.

We love this carrier so much we now stock it in our clinic! If you would like to purchase a Calm Carrier, give us a call or visit Meds4Pets.org. You can pick it up curbside at either AMCMA location or choose home delivery.

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